Welcome to the new KweliWright.com! I’ve done a complete rebrand and designed An All new website.

I originally launched in 2014 with a site that basically served as an online resume with some tips for starting a blog and it felt like a version of me, but not really the person I've worked so hard to become. I previously hired a designer to make a Wordpress site that I was very disappointed in the outcome, so I decided to tackle the challenge myself and Squarespace made sense. A new site was LONG overdue. 

As soon as I committed myself to a rebranding and redesign, I started to hate my current website. So I started seriously thinking about a full redesign around August 2016 and began outlining what I wanted the site to be and gathering inspiration (one of my favorite parts of the process!). Then I finally found a Squarespace template that felt like home, and officially began the process in November (the same week I was laid-off from my job, #goals), so I’ve been working on this for eight months!

Needless to say, it’s been a long process, but I’m so excited that it’s finally here because it's really been a lifetime!

The look and feel of the site is so important to me and I think the images for my brand mood board (top image) are examples of my style, personality, and favorite things that will be featured here every day.  I helped launch a few websites out there and have worked with tons of bloggers for the past decade and years ago, sites had so much more personality than they seem to now. When you opened up someone’s blog you knew exactly who it was and you could see their personality.That feeling has gotten a bit lost and I wanted to make sure that I created something that would stand out.


navigating the site


Some new things you’ll find on the site...

In the very top navigation area you can find all the categories I'm currently featuring and you can subscribe to my newsletter (I'm so excited about the fun content that will be here. It will be a little different than the site and it's coming in May!!). You'll also find links all my social media profiles on the top right. My Pinterest is fresh, just sayin'.  

The first area of content is the Latest. If I do my job properly, it'll feature a mix of the latest content across all the categories. You can keep scrolling to the right to see more.

Featured is something I'm really excited about! It's where I'll put the spotlight on one story that I'm loving or a theme for the month. 

Below that, you can click on an individual category and it will take you to an archives page of that category where you can see 12 posts in that category at a time, making looking back through previous content much easier!

The categories are:

Style (fashion, hair and beauty inspiration and tips)

Interiors (interior decor inspiration and tips)

Food (recipes and cookbooks)

Lifestyle (travel, wellness, entertainment, fitness, family and relationships)

Blogging (writing tips, how to start a blog, entrepreneur resources and so much more)

Below the categories, you'll see the Most Popular posts which are what the readers like you are loving. My Editor Pick's will be the content that I personally think you readers should check out. 

You'll find my Instagram on the homepage because it's my favorite way to do social media these days.

At the very bottom of each page you'll find the About link which includes my personal bio and more about this site, as well as all the ways to work with me including partnerships, speaking engagements, consulting, and soon I'll be posting my content portfolio. Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out on the Contact link.

To get back to the home page, just click on the KWELIWRIGHT logo.