I definitely wasn’t planning on taking a month-long break from my site. My plate got too full working on side projects and finding the time to sit down to get quiet and write here just wasn't happening. Something had to give, so unfortunately it was my site. It definitely wasn’t for lack of content — I’ve always got ideas for posts. Right now I have over 50 drafts of posts just waiting to be finished. (Type A much?) But I didn’t want to slap together posts that I wasn’t focused on or excited about.

So I gave myself a little break.

But what I thought would be a week, turned into another week ... and then another. Some days I tried to quickly finish a post and it just wasn’t working. There were other more pressing matters that I needed to take care of and I just didn’t feel good about not taking my time with my content here on the blog. I know how valuable your time is, and if you are going to come here and read and enjoy my content, I want it to be good. Whether it’s something I’ve written or a curation of products — I want to deliver the best I can. 

What was I too busy with that I couldn't post content on the site?

For one, besides doing a few branding projects for clients, I was helping build the operations of a newish company that needed structure, and that took up way more of my time than I anticipated. I was dealing with a staff, inventory, outreach, marketing as well as trying to bring new ideas to the table. That project took more of my time than I expected and honestly, more time than it deserved.

There were great lessons I learned about creating and enforcing boundaries in business and personal relationships. The past few months helped me realize that I like helping other people create and build their brands, but it isn't the most fulfilling work for me. Then I found my work being re-purposed in ways that I didn't agree to, which was not cool at all. With that realization and some soul searching, I've decided to shelve The silver lining was that I also came away from the experiences with some great business and personal connections, amped up skills in areas I hadn't flexed in a while, and the most important thing that came from wrapping up that work was just the push I needed to launch Kweli Wright Productions.

KWP is an extension of KW.com and incorporates my love for style, design, food and entertaining into a party and event hosting company. I'm beginning to plan some exciting parties and events for clients which I'll document here on the site under Entertaining. I'll also be sharing my favorite tips for hosting your own shindigs. This is something I've been thinking about for years (all the behind-the-scenes work I do now gives me major throwback feels from my days working as a caterer) and came to my senses: if you wholeheartedly believe in your passion and you want it to grow exponentially, you need to invest your attention, time, energy and (a lot of) money into it. So, it's finally happening!

I just wanted to let you know why you haven’t seen any content here for a bit and assure that I’m not going anywhere — just needed a little break.