home office organization

As an entrepreneur with a few different projects happening right now (this blog, my upcoming YouTube channel, a blogging e-course in the future, a company with my daughter, consulting clients, and more), organization is key. While I have to admit that I'm not always the most successful at staying organized, I do my best to keep up with everything.

A few years ago, in an effort to cut down on paper, I was using one notebook for all of my notes for everything I was working on. It became overwhelming because I spent more time flipping through the notebook trying to find information about different things.

A better solution for me?


I bought composition notebooks and then spiral notebooks for each project I was working on, labeled them accordingly and kept them in a large binder

As much as I try to do everything as digital as possible, I'm a writer who loves to write things down because it helps me visualize them. I take notes in meetings, during client calls, sketch out ideas, etc. and I also love beautiful office products (who doesn’t?).

Having separate notebooks for each project allows me to focus on just that project while I’m working — whatever notebook I have out, that’s what I’m working on. Then I put it away and move along. Now, I always know where I’ve written something down.

For some people this may seem tedious, I just prefer paper to a digital folder system while organizing notes about projects.

As a mom, I hit Staples up a few times a year for my daughter's school supplies. You can find all kinds of notebook styles and designs, and I stock up on the basic ones which are usually under $2. 

Tell me — How do you organize all of your projects?