My blogging and writing squads are quite a lot like the little sisters (and bros!) ... does this sound strange?

Allow me to explain…

You’re here (and quite frankly so am I) because our sites are important to us, and much like the way we would take care of a beloved sibling — we connect with our fellow bloggers best when we treat each other in a very similar way. I’m so excited to share a few tasty morsels here with you today, and if we’ve never met — you're always welcome for a virtual e-meet, so feel free to pop over and say hello whenever you please!

Though this blog is new, I’ve been a part of the writing community for a couple of decades now, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned through this journey is that NO ONE knows my voice better than I do.

If I were to let the rest of the industry be the guide for deciding what’s best for this site of mine, I’d be one SAD sad sister.

Here are three ways that I always go with my gut, and continue to see great results:

·         Swerve. When everyone else does one thing, I’m okay with trying something different.  Most of us are familiar with the more traditional site monetization options (affiliate links, banner ads & sponsored posts), and although they can be wildly successful for some, I’ve just never felt quite like they were the right fit on my site. Instead of sitting around pouting about it, I figure out a ways to create an income that doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetic and goals of my site.

·         I don’t let myself get bossed into things. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had a well-meaning brand or PR person try to coax me into posting about their product or service, I’d be able to buy a REALLY fancy new handbag for BOTH of us (too bad no one’s handing out nickels yet, right?). When someone even hints at the fact that they may know my community better than I do, I immediately start to feel like the protective big-sister-bear that I’ve always been. Let’s be honest here:  I’d be nowhere without my audience, and I am very intentional about the content I serve up weekly.

·         Thinking beyond the blog will bring about big dreams and even bigger results. I’ve been blessed/cursed with an imagination curlier than a crazy straw, and while it can sometimes feel overwhelming to let it wander outside the blog world, doing so has led me to discover my dream career. I’m doing what I like because I’m allowing my site to act as a launching pad for great things...and there's much more to come.

Keep in mind: I’m a GRANDMA in blog years, and many of these nuggets were discovered while wrestling with loads of trial and error OR investing big chunks of money on continuing my education in the industry.

It’s true that I’m always learning more and more each day as an online influencer, but one of the things that I truly love about being a blog strategist is getting to help my clients skip making the same mistakes that I’ve stumbled across in my own journey.

When someone I’ve worked with writes to tell me about a major win… I can’t help but let out a big squeal, send them a virtual squeeze, and tell everyone I know how incredibly savvy my sisters are.

Remember: YOU know your site best, and I think we can both agree that you created it to do great things.