Full disclosure: Paula T. Renfroe is one of my best friends and also one of my former bosses. Most recently she was the Editor-in-Chief of Juicy magazine where I was graciously (after a stint as a stylist for Banana Republic) hired as copy editor. I had known P almost 20 years prior, but really got to know her while working together everyday.

An author herself, P has a great online and in-person get together for book lovers coming soon called Get Lit with Paula, so who better to suggest the hottest and most interesting reads coming in the next few months?

Below she's sharing some of her favorite spring 2017 reads. Scroll through and then share yours!

The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

Starr Carter is a 16-year-old prep school student who lives around the way and is inside the car when a cop kills her unarmed best friend. As the only witness to the brutal shooting, Starr’s testimony could threaten her life. The Hate U Give is so riveting, it landed a major movie deal, (starring Everything, Everything actress Amandla Stenberg), before the powerful novel even hit bookstores.


Finding Gideon

by Eric Jerome Dickey

In the fifth installment of the action-packed, sex-laced series, Finding Gideon opens in South America with the handsome assassin shooting the man he believes is his father…again. Both men want revenge, but vengeance will cost them bloodshed and the truth as they know it.


The Engagement Game: Why I Said “I Don’t” To Marriage And “I Do” To Me

by Joi-Marie McKenzie

Though The Engagement Game is part memoir, part relationship meets self-help book, this page-turner reads like a contemporary, can’t-put-down novel set in modern day Harlem. McKenzie’s disclaimer: “And by no means is this a how-to book. Sorry ladies!” is not only hilarious, it’s a much-appreciated truth.


Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

by Helene Cooper

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first democratically-elected female president in African history, the mother of four sons, a domestic violence survivor and so much more. Madame President is her wonderfully inspiring story. 


My Soul Looks Back: A Memoir

by Jessica B. Harris

Imagine being transported back to the 1970s and listening to James Baldwin read from If Beale Street Could Talk, watching Maya Angelou cook in her kitchen and Toni Morrison chilling at Baldwin’s home. That was Jessica B. Harris’ life and fortunately for us she’s sharing all of the glorious details in My Soul Looks Back.


Whole New You: How Real Food Transforms Your Life, For A Healthier More Gorgeous You

by Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry credits changing her diet to not only clearing up her skin, but with healing her body and curing her endometriosis. Whole New You features over 100 tasty recipes including Mowry’s yummy Crispy Collard Chips.


Desserts LaBelle: Soulful Sweets to Sing About

by Patti LaBelle

If you thought Patti’s sweet potato pie was worth the trip to Wal-Mart, head on over to your local bookstore and grab Desserts LaBelle. Get that famous pie recipe plus puddings, cakes, cookies and yes, more pies.


The Cut: Lose Up To 10 Pounds in 10 Days And Sculpt Your Best Body

By Morris Chestnut and Obi Obadike

Recently on the "Rachael Ray" show, Obi Obadike admitted that not even his weight loss plan worked without commitment. That said, The Cut offers simple, yet satisfying meal and workout plans designed to push past plateaus. Consistency is key. See Morris Chestnut for inspo.