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If you haven't heard of Mimi G, it's time that you do. Her sewing tutorials and blogging at Mimi G Style over the past five years have made her the go-to guru for DIY fashion. Last year she launched a membership site, Sew It Academy, and just recently, she and her husband created a digital monthly sewing magazine called Sew Sew Def (don't you love that name !?).

When I had a chance to chat with Mimi a year ago, we talked much about fashion, business and entrepreneurship (read it here), but we also had a great talk about motherhood which didn't make it into the article. Read below for Mimi's much-appreciated take on being a business woman and mother.


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KW: How do you balance motherhood and your business? Do you ever feel mom guilt?
Mimi G: I feel zero guilt. I’ve been a mom since I was 17-years-old, so my entire life has been about having huge responsibility. I made those choices, they didn’t make those choices, but I taught my children very early on that they were responsible for themselves and that mommy isn’t here to do everything for you. You have to learn how to do things, especially my oldest one who is now 22, she was like a mini-mom to the others. Now I spoil her and I spoil all my children because they were so helpful to me. My eldest took care of the younger kids when I had to work late and when I started my business, and my husband took on so much responsibility--he made the dinners, he did the laundry and picked the kids up from school. It really takes effort from everyone in the house to make a business like this work. The kids and getting my work done were the priorities and everything else had to wait.