If you can’t embrace straw basket bags during the summer, when can you?

I'm elevating my beach days with the Jacqueline handbag from Songa Designs International.

My new favorite summer beach bag is this unique handbag made out of palm leaf and re-purposed cow horn, and it's just as as it is practical as it is polished as it is purposeful.

By purchasing Songa Designs, we empower a collective of Rwandan women to elevate their lives by creating handcrafted handbags, as well as accessories and home décor, from eco-friendly materials that otherwise would end up in the local landfill.

Songa Designs celebrates the empowerment of women around the world. Their mission is to employ as many talented artisans as they can so that these women can become financially independent. The women negotiate their own wages with Songa Designs. Since the designs are newer and more difficult to make,  Songa pays more to compensate the women for the extra time it takes to create them.

Watch the video below (and see more here) to see how your purchases can truly make a lasting impact on the life of another woman.


Spacious enough for a book, a towel and a change of shoes, these accessories blend cultural traditions and techniques with chic style. A bag so perfect you’ll use it on and off the beach.